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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Recommend: PIAA wiper blades will change your life...

Bold title right? I'm not joking around though. PIAA wiper blades will change your life. There, I said it twice. Sometimes when I'm zooming down the freeway surrounded by a sea of cars going 80, I wonder how so many people manage to successfully pilot a vehicle when it takes so little for all of it to go wrong. Then it rains...the veil between order and chaos draws a bit thinner. Suddenly those little things you've been ignoring are (in the case of wiper blades) staring you right in the face. People ignore their wipers until it's too late...and at that point its often dangerous.

Buy the standard PIAA Super Silicone wipers. DO NOT buy the fancy new types...they screwed up the engineering and the wiper will not touch the windshield with even pressure and that causes streaks! 
Put on some PIAA wipers and you will actually look forward to driving in a downpour. Once again, I'm not joking around. PIAA wipers arent just going to work well because they are new. Any wipers work well when the are new. The magic of the PIAA wiper (I know this is going to sound like infomercial BS...but it's not) is it actually conditions your windshield to repel water like a duck's back.

For about a year I only had a PIAA wiper on the driver's side. I ordered the wrong size for the passenger side and was too lazy to get a new one. Over that year the driver's side stayed crystal clear and the passenger side became a horrible blurry mess. I finally got a new wiper for the passenger side and after a couple of rains...the passenger side was now magically crystal clear. Even for those of you who use windshield treatments, if you use PIAA wipers you'll never have to apply the stuff again and there is no night-haze from the residue. PIAA wipers even come with a conditioning wipe in the package. Just throw it out, you don't need it.
You can see the edge of the windshield (where the wipers don't wipe) is hard to see through but where the wipers touch, the water just beads up and runs off. 
I'm flogging this so hard because these things...will friggin' change your life. There, now I've said it three times. The coolest part: if you can get your speed up to 60 or higher, you don't even need to turn your wipers on. The water just rolls up and over. You can drive in peace while everyone else is frantically beating the life out of there wipers set on super speed. These wipers will even last longer because you don't have to use them as much. Need more awesome? You can actually order replacement rubber refills so you just replace the blade and not the entire wiper. Pat yourself on the back for being sustainable.

I was driving through Nebraska, at night, in the heaviest downpour I've ever seen in this country. I was in a hurricane once, and it was raining harder than that. If you stepped outside the car you would literally need scuba gear (not really). It was so bad that 90% of the cars on the road pulled over and stopped...for rain! Me? Just humming along at 45 without a problem in the world. Buy them for yourself or give them as a gift. Granted, people will look at you funny if you give them wipers as a present...but I pretty much guarantee you'll get a thankful phone call the next time it rains. (I don't really guarantee that, but it sounded good right?)

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