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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Side Projects: Zipper (awesome) Pulls

I don't really have time to be doing side projects...but I've been thinking about this one for ages. I had a little down time yesterday and decided to whip out a zipper pull. When I started, a tear drop shape was the plan, but ultimately I was really happy with this "pill" shape. I'd actually like to make an sell these, so please leave a comment if you'd be interested. I'm thinking I'll do them in both nickel plated aluminum (to match your Alpha) as well as titanium.

A 6061 aluminum zipper pull with 2mm spectra cord
Why zipper pulls? Eh. I like them I guess :) I've always used spectra to make my own zipper pulls on my outdoor clothing. For winter use you don't really want a metal bead, so I normally just have the cord with a knot. I don't do as much hard-core outdoor stuff anymore so it seemed fun to have a zipper pull that was a bit more "dressy" if you will. Purple and yellow spectra? Well, that's the only 2mm cord they had at the REI on the way home from the shop.

3 glow-in-the-dark could use black for formal occasions
Of course these things could be any shape, but I tend to prefer a more basic aesthetic. I think there is beauty in simplicity. I'll do some more designs for due diligence, but I'm pretty happy with this one. I cut three small grooves in the bead to hold o-rings. The ones I put on this bead are glowy, but black, and maybe even blue (fluorosilicone) could be an option if I can find the right size. But I know you are waiting to see the glow right?

Right after being charged up...with an Alpha of course! 
Okay, this is pretty friggin awesome. Unfortunately glow technology is in about the same place it was in 1983 so the glow wears off pretty quickly. There is plenty of time to impress your friends though, if you are in the dark and can charge up the bead with a flashlight :)

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  1. Looks awesome dude. Start making them now. Great for formal events or camping.