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This is my blog about creating a startup LED flashlight business. I'm a designer, fabricator, and strategist and I'm passionate about making ideas real. I believe that products are about people, that they should be built to last, deliver real value, and that we need to do a better job than we have in the recent past.

Most of my career has been contract or freelance work and I've crafted products and strategies for both big international companies and startups. I also used to work in the "industry" fabricating special effects for film and TV, along with the occasional hot rod. Bottom line, I love making things.

I'm starting this blog so you can follow along, from day one, and see what it's like to start a business, or fail in the process. Only time will tell, but I hope you find this interesting enough to stay tuned, comment, link, like, tweet, and (most importantly) participate in turning this idea into something tangible and valuable.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

"What stops me from going to a "big box" and buying a flashlight for five dollars?"

This is the most common question I get when I tell someone I'm planning to make and sell flashlights, so I thought it would make a good opener.

The short answer: nothing.

The longer answer: if that's how you feel after trying my light...then you probably aren't one of my customers.

SSC-P7 900 Lumen Prototype

That sounds totally rude, but that's not my intent at all. I don't expect to sell a light to every person in my neighborhood.

But if you want to's 20-50 times brighter, rechargeable, cool looking, and only a few people in the world will ever own one. If you aren't into that then there probably isn't anything I can say to convince you. My selling proposition isn't "low prices, everyday." My selling proposition is "way more awesome than you have ever seen before." Can you dig it?


  1. There is the Fiat and the Ferrari, if I can afford one and enjoy driving, I would opt for the Ferrari. Depends on what level of quality and performance you are looking for in life! I would probably buy one of your lights because it is bright, well designed, hand crafted and built with a lot of love and pride! Besides, it might well save my butt in the dark! :)

  2. The design/manufacture/sales process since WWII by Halliburton and their high quality, high dollar aluminum case makes a good read for anyone shooting for a marketing success.


  3. Ah yes, the Zero Halliburton! One of my all time favorites...primarily because it exactly holds one million dollars in 100 dollar bills. Really, check out this link. One of my all time favorite web sites. I'm just going to paste it since I don't know how to make a link from within a comment.

  4. Damn, went to check my Zero Haliburton and all it has is old stuff from the 80's in it :) Still got mine!!! Wonder if it would make a good bail out bag, hmmmmm?
    russthetoolman on CPF

  5. Hey Russ, I don't know if it would be a "good" bail-out bag, but it certainly would be classy!

    You should take a picture of your "time capsule" and contents and I'll post it here ;)